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The pathophysiology behind the "knockout punch", though generally thought to be a simple concept of shutting down the brain because of a suddent impact of energy, is in reality, a complicated one. Knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the brain, though helpful in understanding this, is way beyond the scope and ambition of this article. But one quote, from a neurologist experienced with post traumatic brain injuries, puts the overall concept of the brain into perspective. FYI, axons are the nerve cells that, by numbers of millions and millions, all interact and interconnect to form the almost gelatinous mass of the brain. The brainstem is the area between the brain, which lies in the skull, and the spinal cord, which transmits the information down to the rest of the body.

Read more: Knockout Punch: The neurophysiology

Category: Health FAQ

Helicobacter Pylori: China Travel Risk

I just wanted to share something with the gang here, especially those that plan on going to Shaolin. I've mentioned some of the health issues before, but this one is significant. Common. And not that easily detected.

There is a HUGE problem with fecal-oral transmission of diseases in China, mainly because of poor sanitation, improper water treatment, and the use of human shit for fertilization of crops. The ease of transmission of human disease from one individual to another is very high. In fact, most US travelers to China, who stay for any significant period of time, get some sort of dysenteric illness.

It's the non-dysenteric illness, that's going to get you, long term. And that is, H. Pylori infection.

Read this excellent concise report from the CDC about Helicobacter Pylori:

Read more: Helicobacter Pylori

Category: Health FAQ

A 16-year-old baseball player from northern New Jersey died after being hit in the chest by a pitch during practice, MyFoxNY.com reported.

Xxxxx xxxxxs, who was a sophomore at Garfield High School, went into cardiac arrest following the incident on Friday night. He was pronounced dead about an hour later at St. Joseph's Regional Medical Center in Paterson.

At the time of the accident, Adams, a catcher, was practicing with a pitcher. He was wearing a chest protector, and the teen’s father said his son was in good health and had no known medical conditions.

Xxxxs was practicing with a Paterson-based traveling team that was preparing for a tournament in Florida later this month. His teammates have decided to play in the tournament, deciding it was the best way to honor his memory.

What does this have to do with the concept of Dim Mak, an ancient Chinese method, known only to certain highly skilled masters who can properly perform this "death touch"? Or, more accurately translated from the Chinese as "press artery"? Well, as we'll see, probably more than has been discussed.


Read more: Dim Mak: The tradition and science

Category: Health FAQ

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Dr Uwe Schwenk will be releasing volume one of his reknowned Historical Martial Arts Magazine, in which he collates and presents his vast collection of historical Shaolin documents.

Having studied martial arts for a few decades now, he has accumulated a large collection of historical papers and photographs, some of them dating to 1920 and before. Since these materials are not in the best condition, a few years ago, he started the project of converting everything into digital format in order to protect the material and have it available in the future. Since this project is mostly completed now, with this magazine, he will begin to make the material available to a wider audience.

The bi-monthly Historical Martial Arts Magazine - Techniques and Philosophy (ISSN 2159-2497) is presented only as a means of preserving unique aspects of the heritage of the martial arts.

Issue 1 is available at Uwe Schwenk Historical Martial Arts Magazine.

Martial artists receive a 50% discount.

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