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A Shaolin Temple Perspective
Created in 1995, the current iteration of the site includes over twenty years of added and upgraded material. One of the first video streaming sites on the internet in 1997, has forums, photo, audio and video libraries.
Traditional Shaolin martial arts

Shaolin Gong Fu

Shaolin and Buddhism

Buddhism, Culture

The most fascinating places in China


The guy behind the madness


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Ba Da Ling Great Wall

One of the most spectacular places on earth

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The original birthplace of Chinese Buddhism

Da Fa Wen Si


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Information on training in Shaolin Temple

Getting to China is easy! Visas, flights, getting around China, making your way to Zhengzhou for your final destination of Dengfeng, which is on the outskirts of the Shaolin Temple. Herein lies information as to what to bring, what to be careful of, what to do, and most important, what not to do....

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Shaolin, the birthplace of Chinese Martial Arts

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