SHAOLIN Yin Shou Gun (Reverse hands bow staff)

This is a basic traditional weapons form.

·         stand feet together, hands at sides, step l to horse, l fist at side.   r hand spins tip counter to floor, l palm blessing in front of chest "no o me tofu"  

·         r kicks tip clock to l cat facing 9, bottom rests on horizontal r elbow, tip to 9,l hand on staff by forearm, crouch

·         stand, l foot to r knee, bow up like rifle, l hand out, bow resting on thumb web space

·         step forward, tip up clock to vertical, then r in front of l, twist counter to l leaning dragon to 9, bow on back tip over l shoulder, l palm block to 9

·         l hand reaches back to middle of bow, r steps to side horse facing 6, bottom to 9,tip to 3(upward strike)

·         jump to r, horse facing 12, tip upward strike to 9

bottom downward strike to 9

·         r meets l, grab bottom with both hands, circle bow above head, sit on r, l leg out to 9, full bow smash to floor, l palm on top

·         to l leaning dragon as you pick up bow, end up in r leaning dragon

tired man stance, tip to floor, bottom next to face

·         l hm step to 3, upward tip strike, then upward bottom strike to 3

·         r hm, upward tip strike to 3. r instep kick to 3

·         twist and step clock to end up in r leaning dragon facing 3,strike to 3

·         twirl over head to l leaning dragon facing 9, strike to 9

·         twirl over head, turn clock, twirl, walk towards 3, crouch, bottom on floor vertical, l hand on l heel (monk throwing shoe)

·         l back kick to 9, l palm heel to 9

·         step to 3, r hm, slanted block bottom down to 3

·         twirl tip down then up, to l leaning dragon, bottom to r foot

·         r pool cue poke to 3 with r side kick to 3

·         turn and walk counter, swinging bow by tip over head, smash bow to floor to 3 in l leaning dragon

·         to horse facing 3, bow strike to 6

·         twist l, bow strike to 12

·         turn r, r knee up, bow bottom sweeps floor then r leaning dragon to 9 with r upwards bottom strike to 9

·         step to 9,l behind r crouch, twirl tip to r, then l, to slant position, tip to 3, bottom to 9, arms crossed

·         both hands grab bottom, turn counter, tip sweeping circle on floor to 9, l knee up, bottom under l shoulder

·         jump to horse facing 12, tip horizontal to 9

·         circle tip over head, down to crouch on l foot, r out to 9, tip ends up at 9

·         get up, circle tip over head, down to crouch on r foot, l foot out to 9,tip ends up at 9

·         get up, l hm to 9, bow bottom upward strike to 9

·         r hm to 9, with r instep kick, t tip upward strike to 9

·         circle tip vertically counter, step to end position. tip up, in r hand, horse facing 12, bottom in l, by r thigh. Kiai

·         bottom to floor, l steps to r, r holds staff, l does blessing, "o me tofu"