Traditional Gong Fu
    The following items in this section are various elaborate descriptions of some of the traditional gong fu forms taught at the Shaolin Temple.  These have been taught to me by my masters, along with various applications for each maneuver. I present these "memory aids" that I have made not so that you will go out and try to learn them, but as an example of their complexity, and also as a reference to those of you who have trained here.

These are not all of them, nor are they all inclusive. For example, the Lohan form is not presented in its entirety, and the Da Hong form is presented in one of its two versions. No doubt other versions of these forms will surface.

Slideshows of some of these forms are now available. Again, these are not presented as teaching aids; they are presented solely for demonstration purposes. You can find them in the Forum / Library part of the site.