SHAOLIN Sword: Mei Hua Do


This is a basic traditional weapons form.


·         stand straight, arms at side: horse with hilt of sword in l hand, look l:

·         step forward with l, r arm, hand straight out

·         step forward r, l hand sword backwards, out over, circle r arm to side

·         to cat l forward to 12, r hand palm up over head, sword back against arm, horizontal, blade out, l hand at side, cock r hand and look to 9

·         step to 9 with l, both hands eyes sweep up to sky circle down, blade behind back, r knee up, arms come down, palms up, stomp down with r foot, to crouch position

·         head down, r palm down, sweeps back, look to r as you sweep upper body, r arm back to 3, l arm back to 6, blade back on l arm, raise l knee up, toes down, look to 9,l arm horizontal, blade on arm, r arm over head, cock hand palm up

·         swing body forward, down, and to the right to face 12, sweeping l hand, blade following, to meet r, which remained in position. knee remains up.

·         l steps to l as r hand grabs sword, l hand does 6 block to 9,r sweeps sword to opponent at 9 and brings it to rest against l side.

·         r brings sword to 9, 12, 3, turn clockwise, l foot goes towards 3, stomps, blade continues to 6, r foot lifts continue clockwise to horse feet facing 12, blade follows vertically behind your back, go into r leaning dragon to 3, r arm bent, elbow up, l hand palm to r wrist, elbow up, blade resting on l forearm, looking to 9. r elbow is higher than l

·         turn l to horse facing 6 moving r foot, while l arm goes out, r circles blade edge forward clockwise sweep around to both hands over face, blade horizontal and edge up, tip facing 9.

·         circle blade counterclockwise, blade edge forward as you turn r, step with l into cat facing 9, end up with r arm up to r with blade hanging down, edge forward, l knife at r elbow.

·         r hm forward as you circle upside down blade counterclockwise around body, then slash at 9,l open palm #6 block blade comes to rest at l side.

·         l little hop with r instep kick to 9.

·         sweep blade at 9, continue clockwise sweep to 12, and 3, turn r, to cat facing 3,blade continues tip down around back, l palm block out to 3, r hand out to 9, both horizontal, blade pointing to r knee

·         turn counterclockwise with r to horse facing 12, r stabs blade down to 3, l arm out to 9, l leg continues behind r, outstretched, crouching down

·         stand and turn counterclockwise with r to horse facing 12, sweep blade down to and past your feet, circling back up over your head, as you circle counterclockwise with l to horse facing 6,blade is above your head, continue with r to horse facing 12, blade down by your feet again, stomping and hopping each time. repeat two more times  

·         end at horse facing 12, r blade up and out to 3, l arm cocked over head

·         bring blade down to feet, circle back up clockwise and strike opponent at 3 down in head,, circle twist sword in hand

·         drop to floor, blade edge down, pressing it down with l hand, l leg outstretched towards 3, sitting on bent r leg

·         stand up, r foot turns counterclockwise

·         to horse facing 12, stab opponent at 3 with outstretched r arm, l arm out towards 9

·         l steps towards 3 in l hm while blade tip down circles counterclockwise behind back and slashes opponent at 3 coming to rest under l arm, l arm in #6 open hand block

·         r slashes clockwise to 3, 6, 9 as you turn with r, on l, clockwise to cat facing 9, blade  comes tip down behind back, blade back comes across l shoulder, back towards 3 with tip pointing towards r knee, l arm out to 9 with open hand block  

·         blade comes down slanted across 9, to rest by l shoulder with l hand block, l  hm backslash blade down, again holding vertical, to r, circle blade ends up over head horizontal pointing at 9  

·         twirl blade high towards 9, in front of you, twist l to 3, stab opponent at 3, l hand out, r leaning dragon

·         twist l facing 9, bring l leg behind r, crouch, blade comes clockwise behind back towards 3, tip towards foot, l hand palm blocks to 9

·         r steps to 9,turn l 180, downward stab to 9, l arm out to 3, bring l leg behind r, crouch

·         circle blade counterclockwise past 6,3,12 then 9, hands meet at hilt, blade is horizontal, edge towards you, into l cat facing 9

·         stand up, blade goes vertical tip up, hands together

·         twirl blade counterclockwise 360, step with r to horse facing 6, body twists counterclockwise, blade ends up vertical tip up on r back

·         twist l counterclockwise 360 with r inside crescent kick to 3,12, return to horse facing 6, blade on back, l palm block cocked over head

·         facing 9 in cat stance, begin twirling blade in front of you, advance in shuffle steps, four times

·         drop and crouch on r foot, blade edge to floor, l hand on top, l leg out to 9

·         get up, r step forward to 9, stab to 9, l hand back to 3

·         turn counterclockwise to 3, circle blade counterclockwise around body, tip down, slash at 3,r hm to 3, blade comes to rest under l arm

·         slash at 3, l hm to 3, swinging blade clockwise around body, to l upper back

·         r steps forward to l, blade handle comes over head into waiting l open palm at chest, stomp r foot, arms to horse

·         jump up, r hand shoots out and slaps r  jumping instep kick. turn to 12 feet together, r hand above head, l in front of body holding sword

·         step l to horse, circle both arms counterclockwise to end position. l hand on l thigh, r fist over head

·         circle both hands up and in to end horse position facing 12

·         r hand comes in to chest and bow. “o me tofu”