Naxi Village

"The Frescoes in Baisha Township

The site of the frescoes is situated in Baisha Township 8 kms north of the seat of the LIJiang Naxi Nationality Autonomous county7, Yunnan Province. Wit a total area of 171.67 square meteres, the frescoes now existing include 53 groups in all, which are mainly distributed in the Liuli Palace, the Tabaoji Palace, the Dading Hall, and the Dajue Palace, etc, being works of the Ming Dynasy except some in the Dadin Hall, which were painted in the Qing Dynasty. The Ming period frescoes in the Liuli Palace and the Dabaoji Palace are major cultural relics under state protection.

The subject matters of the Baisha Frescoes are an integration of Tibetan Buddh9ism, the Han region Buddhism, and Taoism and their artistic style is a trinity of the Tibetan, the Han, and the Naxi paintings. These mural paintings, with fine and smooth lines, gorgeous and steady colors, exact and vivid shapings as well as balanced and harmonious compositions and imposing manners, are rich in decorative charms and they not only take an important place in the history of the Chinese mural paintings but also prove to be brilliant gems of the world cultural heritages."

From the official Chinese entrance ticket

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