SHAOLIN Work out warm up

Loosen up


·         Hands together, twist and turn, twist feet on floor, toes down

·         Feet together, rotate knees around

·         Feet apart, rotate knees around

·         Feet apart, rotate at hips, hands at sides

·         Feet apart, rotate at lower back, hands at lower back

·         Feet apart, fingertips at shoulders, rotate forwards and backwards

·         Feet apart, arms swing freely, rotate at waist

·         Feet apart, arms swing circular and opposite

·         Feet apart, rotate head

·         Head side to side

·         Head front to back

·         Loosen up, shake all extremities

·         Alternate high knee steps with slapping of thigh

·         Alternate high knee steps with slapping of hands under thigh

·         Disco, hands up alternating with feet up


Warm up


·         Run

·         Chi bu:  Run sideways, hands to sides, across front, out straight

·         Jiao cha bu:  Run sideways, back foot in front of body, then in back of body, twist body, arms out in opposite directions of feet

·         Pai tui: Run, slapping hands on outside of feet as you raise them behind you

·         Mo jou: Run, slapping inside of raised feet with hands in front of you

·         Ku te:  Run, raising instep of foot in front of you, like a sweep

·         Gao te she:  Run raising knees high

·         Ti xi chong chuan:  Run raising one knee and punching with opposite fist

·         Shuan tin tuo: Run and twist in circles

·         San ge tuo: Run, step and lift knee up as you jump high, alternate

·         Wa tiao: In squat position hop to right and left moving forward

·         Wa tiao: In squat position swing arms forward and hop straight forward from squat

·         Quian gun fan: Forward rolls over shoulder to land on feet

·         Hou gun fan: Roll backward over shoulder to squat position as you lean head to side

·         Xuan zi:  Step left, right, reverse left, swing head down towards left, bringing up left foot high behind you as you twist in a counterclockwise fashion

·         Chong ci: Sprint forwards, then backwards




·         Walk into low horse stance, hands high, back arched twice, swing arms forward between legs, then fold arms in front of head, down to knees, then to each foot once, walk, turn other direction and repeat

·         Feet together, raise right foot to table, foot on floor is straight, hands on thigh, bend forward ten times; then left elbow over knee with body twist, bend ten times; then turn left foot on floor sideways, do again with right arm in guard position over left side, left arm over head

·         Pick up bent knee and foot in arms, press to body

·         Shoulders: horse stance bend at waist, arms straight out to table

·         Deep squat with arms straight out behind you to table

·         Stand feet together, fingers interlocked above head, stretch back, then bend forward, pushing hands forward, then straight to floor, then between legs, then to each foot, then fold arms to head and bend to legs, then grab back of ankles and press head to legs

·         Bow and arrow stance, stretch

·         Bow and arrow side stance, turning hips, bending rear leg

·         Pu bu, down to floor squatting on one knee, other leg straight out, hands holding ankles, switch

·         Rotate arms opposite directions touching at top

·         Small knee crescent and reverse crescent kicks.


Loose kicks


·         Front ball kick, front instep kick, kick to each ear, reverse crescent kick, crescent kick


Formal kick


Begin all with feet together, fists pulled to sides, step right, look right, left hand slaps back of right, step to right together, right foot out.


·         Side kick: side horse, right steps in front of left, arms out, fingers pointing straight up, then kick with left, while you bring right hand over head, left hand en garde across body looking forward from body, look towards movement when moving

·         Front instep kick, front ball kick, kick ears, reverse crescent, crescent

·         Formal stretch: usual introduction, step forward with right, high instep kick with left, swing left back as far as you can and fall to the floor into a split. Reverse while on ground.


Shaolin Gong-fu Maneuvers (see appropriate sheet)


Shaolin Gong-fu Forms (see appropriate sheets)