The museum area is in the southwest corner of the temple grounds. The photos herein are from 1998. The photo of myself and Shi Ming Wu is in front of Shi De Yang's original residence. He lived here in the late 1990's with Shi Ming Wu; a small, but comfortable two room area.

The statues that you see in one of the dioramas is of four of the "greatest" monks. The clay figurine nearest to the fence is Shi Su Yuan, master and teacher of Shi De Cheng. I met Shi Su Yuan in 1997, right before he died. He was approximately 80 years old. He and Shi De Cheng lived together in the common monk quarters area which was in the southeast corner of the temple. (This area has just recenlty been torn down).

The photo Shi Wan Heng and myself was taken in his quarters in 1998. He is one of the last surviiving members of the original fourteen monks that returned from the nightmare of the Cultural Revolution. At this time, in 1998, he was still practicing a "soft" style of gong fu.

The "museum" shows dioramas of various battles and episodes in the Shaolin warrior monk's history. Traditional stances are easily identified by the statues positions.

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