Inside the monk living quarter complex on the eastern side of the Temple. Also, A overview of the Shaolin monk quarter living area. The cooking area is the small building on the right of this picture; the monks live in these small rooms in the center, and further on continuing on up. Shi Su Xi's residence, on the western side of the Temple complex is also seen.

In one picture, you'll see Shi Su Xi, with Shi Xing Hong (DeQing) to his left, and Shi De Yang to his right. Shi Su Xi previously was the Abbot of the Shaolin Temple until his Parkinson's disease resulted in his almost complete incapacitation. He very rarely greets visitors, and has as his quarters the largest set of two rooms in the Temple. He came to the Shaolin Temple in 1935 at the age of 12. She De Yang also came to the Temple at a young age, and at present is 32 years old. He has traveled Europe widely, and is well known there for his martial arts prowess. As for the guy in the dirty tee shirt, he isn't much known for anything. (And he likes it that way)."


The monk quarters area is where Shi De Cheng and the others lived in the 1990's. This area has just recently been torn down for the renovation process of 2005.

Photo's are from 1998. 


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