According to legend, Chinese Wushu martial arts originated at Shaolin Monastery, located at the foot of Mt. Song in Dengfeng county, Henan province. For more than fifteen hundred years this Buddhist sanctuary has blossomed and withered, only to bloom again. It has seen glory and humiliation. It was burned down three times; it has produced countless Wushu masters and patriotic heroes; and generated many legends and mysteries.

Shaolin Wushu has long been a method of improving one's health,  as well as being an incredibly effective form of  self defense.

Unfortunately, it is deeply misunderstood, and because of this, has been viewed with tainted eyes. Hopefully, this site will provide a better understanding to the mysteries and misconceptions of the Shaolin Temple.

There's quite a story about the wushu guan, and what it's existence means to the continuation of wushu (martial arts) at the Shaolin Temple. See inside.