Shaolin Gongfu      
It is said that "Throughout the martial arts world, the sun always sets upon Shaolin"     

Shaolin gong fu is based upon not only human boxing styles, but also upon various animals and insects. The tiger, leopard, and even the mystical dragon, are responsible for various types of fighting styles. The crane offers much to Shaolin gong fu, both in regards to stances and fighting styles. The eagle, dog, snake, monkey, duck, and scorpion also offer various styles of fighting. Nope, no fish style. But there is a frog style of fighting, a dog, and even a drunken style. Lots more inside.....

The world of Shaolin gong fu comprises many different things, far more than what you would typically imagine. Yes, one thinks of the defensive and offensive fighting arts when one thinks of what we refer to as "kung fu", but associated closely with  this are the forms, or better yet, concepts, of wu shu, tai chi,  and qi gong, along with the traditional fighting methods of gong fu. Explore within the following section, to discover more about these different, yet very similar, art forms.