Year 2001

  • The Shaolin based site gets a little more extensive, with the addition of an early version Discus html text based discussion forum, and some additions regarding some travel in China. Videos are first added to the site during this time. Of interest, mention of the new venture to bring Shaolin monks to Las Vegas, and the early beginnings of our US based Shaolin school, are first brought to light here.
  • The "new" discussion forum (which is now our "Forum Archive") replaced an older FrontPage discussion forum based area. The "discussion archive" mentioned in this version of was that older, and much simpler, FrontPage based discussion forum, which is not available to be seen today. It was destroyed with one of the upgrades of the site.
  • The site also mentions the beginning of what was eventually to become the "docStore" (it was referred to as "docGear" back then). It used a simple html navigational scheme, which was effective because of the relatively small size of the site.
  • The main page loads slowly; be patient and let it do what it wants to do. It will automatically continue to the rest of the site. The animation was designed to activate slowly because of the average available internet speeds that most visitors used. Also, because of some dynamic html effects that were predominantly Microsoft based, I had suggested that Internet Explorer be used.
  • The Photo galleries and Videos in this portion of the site have been removed to save file space on the server. The original videos and photos from this era can still be seen in the current web site, in their respective, and original, areas. Also, some of these photos have been uploaded to the Photo Library; the videos can be seen in the Video Library (Forum / Library) area.
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Shaolin Temple Perspective 2001