Year 2002
  • The next iterations of the Shaolin based involved major changes and additions, but, generally, not a major structural change from what you currently see. Because of the rapid growth of the site, it was basically redesigned into a group of subforums. The amount of pages and files necessitated this move; the web server basically could not handle the publishing of hundreds of pages and thousands of files. The site was redesigned into smaller sections; each section could then be altered and published without having the servers "time out".
  • The discussion forum was changed to a vBulletin based software structure, one which we use to this day. Eventually, over time, it was expanded to include streaming video. The size of the forums, with the addition of video and audio streaming, necessitated the purchase of our own personal server, which had an internet calling of This server resided at my house, on my own 2mb synchronous internet access line. The addition of 120 gigabytes of additional space allowed to grow rapidly, to the size that it is today. because of the cost of rented "online" servers, and the limited space that they offered, purchasing our own server was the only option, considering the size, and subsequent rapid growth of
  • was one of the first Shaolin based web sites, if not one of the first web sites in general, that streamed video on a regular basis. This was because of the purchase of an Apple based server which used QuickTime to stream. Other sites did not stream video at this point because the cost of streaming on Windows based servers was prohibitive, in the area of tens of thousands of dollars. 
  • It was this growth that eventually brought about the downfall of our personal server in 2006, as demand for all of the software and files on our personal server could not be adequately met with our internet access line. Besides that, the line became unreliable. It took a month to move the software to newer, online rented server spaces. With that, major upgrades in the software took place.
  • Changes that took place over these years were sort of documented in the Site News section. We continue to use this basic structure to this day. Improvements in software, hacks, additions to the site, continue to this day, with, basically no major overhauls to the site.

 Shaolin Temple Perspective 2002