"Doc, why do you take photos of all this gong fu?"

Well, it was a tough decision. It was a choice between taking photos of Victoria Secret supermodels in their underwear, or traveling thousands of miles to live in the absolute shits to research a group of people that I can't talk to, and surround myself with hundreds of women who all find me fascinating like one finds fascination with a shit-covered gorilla in a zoo, all the while battling the effects of dysentery, interesting food, horrid traffic, ever-present pollution, hot disgusting humid weather, and all the various and sundry disgusting aspects of China that you eventually come to know and love.

Dealing with the monks ended up being more "within reach". And, a lot more fun. I think. So deal with it.

I'll work on the other issue. Promise. It might happen in my next life, but I'll let you know. You horn dog you