Year 1999

The Shaolin website that wasn't. The very beginnings of was not a primitive attempt at HTML; it was a bunch of emails, and, eventually, photoessays, that were emailed to groups of up to fifty people, transmitted from hot wired telephone connections and long distance internet access. Using dial up speeds of about 19k, this process was laborious, and, "hit and miss". Stories from me to my friends, about my journeys to the Shaolin Temple.

  • It was not the best way to go, either for myself, who had to keep attempting to transmit these emails successfully, and for my recipients, who did not always want to get large amounts of photos in their inboxes.
  • More details about the beginnings of, can be found in the doc section, which I initially, and presciently, wrote back in 1997, sometime when I first started working on the idea for this site.
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Shaolin Temple Perspective 1997