The Shaolin Thousand Buddha Hall is where, at least, historically (far historically), the Shaolin monks trained in gong fu. It is one of the oldest and most sacred pavilions on the premises. It is original, having not been damaged during the 1928 fires or the escapades of the Cultural Revolution.

Pictured in the gallery below are depressions in the stone floor, caused by many years and years of training in the same place. Taking pictures inside the pavilions is generally considered to be taboo. Taking pictures of the various Buddha statues is absolutely prohibited.

Two monks can be seen on "temple duty", talking to a tourist. They are there not only to prevent people from entering the temple, but also to take donations. Right after Yongxin's ascension to abbot, the temple duty monks also avidly sold books written by Yongxin.

Also pictured are wooden pillars being prepared for repairs to tneighboring halls. All woodwork is done by hand, without power tools.

These pictures were taken in 1998/1999


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