Tiger Leaping Gorge

"The Tiger Leaping Gorge" - one of the world's four great gorges - is located in Hutiaoxia Town in Zhongdian County, where two snowy jokuls, Yulong and Haba, stand facing each other. The Changjiang River cuts the two mountains at their base, rushing and roaring through the gorge, arousing terrifying waves that stirs one's heart. It is 3900 meters high from the deepest base of the gorge to the peak of the jokul. The narrowest water sruface is only 20 meters. This is why the Tiger Leaping Gorge is honored as one of the deepest and most marvelous gorges on the globe.

The gorge is 20 kilometers long, separated as Upper, Middle, and Lower Leap, with a waterfall of 213 meters and eighteen surprising cascades. A huge square stone, Tiger's Leap Rock, stands in the river, from which was believed a tiger leaped across the gorge, and thus gained the Gorge's name.

There is an adage among the nationalities: It is a man only that he went to Tiger Leaping Gorge.

Dear friends from afar, you are welcome to Tiger Leaping Gorge to explore its peculiar natural wonders. It's dangerous but exciting. At the same place, please keep an eye to security and attach importance to nature protection."

From the official Chinese entrance ticket

"Sixteen people died in the river, either by trying to float on it, or, by falling into it".

From an unofficial Chinese whomever he was....

They talk about how wonderful the Tiger Leaping Gorge is. How beautiful, incredible, and unique it is.

Frankly, I wasn't impressed. It's a fast flowing river that cuts between two mountains, with a rather large rock in the middle of it. Now, had I been there when that rock fell into the river, that would have been impressive.

But what I really enjoyed, were the vistas beyond the Tiger Leaping Gorge, which you have to get to by driving down this horrible little road. After a few threats to my driver, we were on our way. The views from downriver are far more fantastic, as the following photos will show.

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