The second gate, on the way into the interior of the Temple.

The Bell Tower, in front of which, to the lower left, is a showcase of the stones depicting Li Shimin's gratitude, and decrees, to the Shaolin Temple monks, which enabled them to consume a "non-Buddhist" monk diet, and train warrior monks.

The stones from Li Shimin. Each of the thirteen warrior monk's names (the monks that rescued Li Shimin) are inscribed on the reverse of the stone on the right

The initial courtyard in the inner compound. Daxiong Hall is in the distance.

Inside the Bell Tower.

View out of the Bell Tower towards the west. The Chinese Stairmaster lies far to the left of the picture, over the mountain range that is visible.

The rarely seen bell in the Bell Tower. Access is restricted inside this building


View from the Shaolin Temple Bell Tower to the northwest; to the bottom left is Daxiong Hall


Shaolin Temple Photos