Ever wonder what the process was for training in Shaolin? Well, it's different for everyone; people come from various countries and circumstances, and things can be distinctly incomparable at times. But, overall, the questions tend to be similar. Over the years I've helped many people find good training opportunities in Shaolin, and over the years, generally, it's the same questions and answers. I've created some areas in the FAQ sections to help answer those questions, but I thought that if I posted a thread of questions and answers that was fairly within limits of the norm of what I get over the years, it might prove helpful to those of you who want to make the journey. So, I've put together some messaging with one of the latest members of our community who has made the trip to Shaolin to train. The thread is rather extensive, but within it lies answers to some commonly asked questions, and some pearls of wisdom that all travelers to Shaolin really need to know.

The initial question was, as usual, "How much does it cost to train in Shaolin?" The question was more specifically asked about Shi De Cheng's school in Dengfeng, right outside of the Shaolin temple area. The comments in italics are my responses, the type in normal font are the potential student's questions.

Dear doc
I'm interested in training with Shi De Cheng at his school in China later this year. Can you give me more information? How do I do this? Sorry to bother you!

Not a problem. Current prices on in his thread in Shaolin Gong Fu schools, but I need to contact him about getting you a better price. Price includes everything. Pickup from airport not a problem; you need to arrange your flights to get to ZHENGZHOU. Good choice to pay as you go, and to decide to stay as long as you continue liking it. Early March also good, though will be a bit cold, end of March better. we have plenty of time to put this together.I'll try to get updated prices.

Just got response. 900 Euros' a month for training, food, living place. as for training, you'll get basics, one or two forms (or more) and if you want sanda, no doubt that could be added.  Decheng will be with me in March, in Thailand.

More later.