SHAOLIN Xiao Hong Chuan

Mistakenly translated as “Little red boxing”, in reality, Hong family small form


This is a basic traditional form.


·         feet together, hands over head to prayer position and bow,

   hands to sides,legs straight to 3 feet apart, horse stance looking       


·         r palm face down above umbilicus, l palm face up below, face forward

·         r palm up over head, l palm down touching l buttock. Look left

·         move to left leaning dragon towards 9 with r downward parry, r pulls back to upward palm at side,l knife hand out to 9

·         r reaches out to grab groin,l sliding shuto down arm, r pulls back over head, pull back into monkey position r upright arm next to r side of head, l toes straight down, l arm fist straight down at l,

·         move to 9 leaning dragon with r fist coming over head blocking down, l spear hand to 9, with r palm up at side

·         plant left foot, turn to 3 with r backhand strike, cross arms in front of you, l parry to r out, down, crossing opponents arms, l ends up at l side palm up, end in r leaning dragon to 3 with r backhand to 3:

·         r parry down, step l to l leaning dragon, l spear to 3, r palm up at r side

·         plant r, turn clockwise to horse facing 9, with simultaneous r 7 block as you turn, l knee up with bilateral spear hands to either side of l knee

·         step down and towards 9 with left, right reverse crescent slapping both hands towards 9, end by turning to horse facing 6,  bilateral arms together fists upright, elbows together, then elbows up as you twist r with r rearward elbow to 9, then l elbow to 9, then bilateral reverse hammers to 9 and 3, or can be thrust punches (gong bu)

·         face 6 into monkey, r toes down, r arm up and over head to straight down position, l arm up at l side of head

·         move to r hm face 9 with 1 block, then, r goes to horse, l upward elbow, drop 2 block as downward elbow strike concurrent with l heel kick to 9

·         turn to r 12 in horse, bilateral arms together fists up, twist l, elbows up, r thrust to 9, l rearward hammer to 6 as you move into left leaning dragon (gong bu),

·         face 12 into horse, slap bilateral hands palm up on inner thighs, twist to 3, 6 open hand block, r stays palm up on thigh

·         step to l leaning dragon, bringing l up, blocking over head, both fists to horse, then l front punch to 3,r fist stays at horse

·         bring r foot up towards 3 going past l as you bring both arms to horse, l withdraws to horse, left foot comes up to r with left toes down, r comes up as block over head then becomes front punch to 3, l fist meets r arm horizontal at elbow.   

·         move to horse 12, while bringing palms over to face, then to vertical arms, strike to 3 and 9 (ma bu)

·         reach with r to groin, pull over head into monkey with right fist up at head, left arm down to left side

·         step out to 9 with double spear hand strike to 9, r behind l

·         r and l spear strike, l palm block to 6, with r crescent, kick hand, as you spin l 270 to face 12

·         keep r knee up, l arm horizontal, fist to r elbow, r fist up, stomp leg down as r arm goes up, then down

·         twist r foot in, heel out, step down on r, spin l 270 with l hook, to face 3, l knee up, l palm up on thigh, r palm 5 block

·         return l knee to straight, l foot pointing down, hands come down as blocks

·         step out to l dragon, l knife hand strike, r palm to side

·         withdraw to ma bu position, bilateral spear r over l, strike with both to 3

·         take 2 steps back, l, then r, keeping spear hands out as guards

·         twist clock to 9, block first with r backhand, then l palm, then step out with r, r backhand strike, l palm at side

·         step out with l, block and l knife hand strike with r palm up at side

·         twist clock with r 7 block to r horse facing 3, l palm up at l side

·         step to 3 with r, bring l knee up, toes down, bilateral spear around l knee

·         step l forward, r instep kick, slap with r hand

·         down to horse facing 12, while r arm circles counterclockwise in front of body to end up over head, twist upper body to face 3, l arm does elbow strike to 3, r arm curves over top of head

·         go down into monkey facing 12, r arm down as it blocks over in front of body, left fist to l side of head, r toes down

·         stand to r half moon facing 3, #1 block, l upward elbow strike

   bring l arm down as downward elbow strike with l rising heel kick

·         turn to 6 in horse into ma bu, bringing both forearms upright and together as blocks

·         twist to 3 ending up in r half moon, with r elbow strike to 3 and circular l arm ending up over head

·         twist to face 6 in horse ma bu, cross arms and slap thighs bilateral palms up

·         twist to 3 in gong bu, l palm block to 6

·         l blocks over head and l step forward, bring both arms to horse, l front punch, r at side

·         r steps forward 1.5 steps with r clearing head, then monkey punch, l fist on r elbow, l toes down, feet together

·         turn to 6, vertical forearms together in horse, arms horizontal, elbows out, punch to 3 and 9 (ma bu)

·         r grabs groin at 3, return to monkey l arm down, r fist at r side of head, l toes down

·         stand, double spear hand strike to 3

·         r instep kick with r hand slap to 3, r foot steps down and forward, r and l circular blocks ending as r knife hand strike to 3, fingertips to eye level, l palm up at l side, in gong bu.  These next maneuvers are performed with the resulting knife strike coming close to your sternum, heel of hand touching sternum as it comes up body, in ma bu position, strike out and pull other hand palm up to side as you go to gong bu position and strike.  This adds power to strike, and it hides it.

·         plant r, bring l back to r as you turn l counterclockwise to face 9, intermediate position is ma bu, then with r and l circular blocks end in gong bu facing 9 with l knife hand strike, l foot forward, r palm up at r side

·         plant l, bring r back to l as you turn r clock to face 3, intermediate position is ma bu, then with r and l circular blocks end in gong bu facing 3 with r knife hand strike, r foot forward, l palm up at l side

·         l instep kick with l palm slap towards 3

·         r and l circular blocks, end in gong bu with l knife hand strike to 3 with r palm up at r side

·         plant l, bring r to left as you turn r clock to face 9 in ma bu, then with circular r and l blocks end in r gong bu facing 3, with r knife hand strike and l palm up at l side

·         plant r, bring l up to r as you turn l counterclockwise to face 3 in ma bu, then continue with r and l circular blocks to end in gong bu with l knife hand strike to 3 and r palm up

·         sink down, sweep near ground with l hand, stand, l knee up, l toes down, l palm block to 3, the purpose of which is to block the opponents sight, r fist is up by r side of head in preparation for strike    

·         step l to 3 into gong bu with l knife hand strike to 3, r palm up at r side

·         with circular r and l blocks, make small jump to 3 land on r, l knee up, r tigers claw inverse to opponent’s groin at 3, l palm up at side in horse; “Yee!”

·         jump laterally to 9,with r knee flexed, r toes to ground, as r hand comes across, fist slaps into open l palm in front, crouch with knees bent, kiai

·         turn to 3, r leg forward in cat stance, l 6 block bent overhear, r fist at horse

·         r upward thrust punch, simultaneously l fist comes down to horse at side.

·         swing l around as you raise r fist to r temple, bringing l knee up, l toes pointing to ground at r knee, facing 6, l fist straight down on top of raised l knee

·         step down with l facing 3, r front downward punch to opponent’s groin, l knife hand palm up at upper r arm.

·         turn palm over, clear r arm as you bring l knife hand down, end up facing 6 in  monkey, l arm down, r toes down, r fist at r side of head

·         step to 3 with l foot forward into gong bu, with r and l circular blocks end with l knife hand strike to 3, r at side palm up

·         turn clockwise to r, r arm comes over head, fist down into open l palm, standing straight, facing 12

·         turn l to 9,l hand at waist, r and l shutos to 9 as you step with l towards 9, then bring r to meet l, stomp it to ground,  continue into horse facing 12, l fist straight down onto l thigh, r fist comes over head into 5 block, look l to 9. kiai.

·         l foot meets r, into feet together stance, arms up over to prayer, bow.