Getting any business "off the ground" is a lot of work regardless of the venture. Getting a martial arts school to be successful is a nightmare. Obtaining visas for Chinese citizens, a near impossibility after 9/11, was a two year journey into frustration, including huge monetary and time expenses, the use of high level political friends, and quite a few trips to China. Forming a school, marketing, advertising, organizing, and teaching the instructors "how to teach" were just a few of the many time consuming ventures.

This booklet was one of the many labors that I got myself into, in an effort to enhance the reputation not only of the school that we had formed in Las Vegas, the Shaolin Chan Wu Xue Yuan, but also of the instructors themselves. Xing Wei was one of the main instructors of the school. The photographs (except page 1) within this brochure were taken by myself; they were specifically staged and chosen to enhance the quality and efficacy of this publication.

It took me about two months of computer work, and a few thousand dollars, to print a few hundred of these brochures. They were used at various trade shows and in other marketing campaigns. They were a very successful tool, with the school having well over one hundred students after a two year period.

Xing Wei showed his appreciation to the Russbo Education Corporation by eventually breaking his three year contract with us. He violated the terms of his O visa that we had obtained for him, and, through a marriage with a student of ours that he had known for a relatively short period of time, managed to stay in the US. He opened his own school.

There was no evidence of our existance, or his real master, on his website.














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