June 16, 2000:  Rumors run rampant throughout the Shaolin Temple. Things change faster than we can keep up with them. Lots to talk about, but not now. More rebuilding and more destruction. Drought and disease, rebuilding and dismantling. And overall, things are changing. For the better? Your decision on that one. Beijing becomes a more magnificent city each year; the new airport is incredibly beautiful, the food is better, the people are more "westernized" (God help them), more English is available (Yay!), the hookers have fake breasts (Plastic surgeons? Yay!) and, a porno store off of Tiannenmen Square (A porno store? Get your vibrating sex toys here!) What have we done to these poor people?  And guess who's here in the middle of it? Yes, if there's a porno store, I'll find it. But, more on that later. Lots to come, but, while you wait, a rehash of my 1997 journey to Emeishan, an update on what's going on at Shaolin, more very well written articles in the Foundations section, and, a new section, entitled Shaolin Scholars, for those of you who are a lot smarter than me. Be home soon