Seisan - Originally, in China this form contained advanced tiger techniques, using open hand strikes. but in most Okinawan karate versions of the form the closed fist replaced the open hand strikes, as the fist was the primary weapon in the indigenous Okinawan fighting style, te, as it was known before the influence of the Chinese fighting styles. The Japanese name for this kata, Hangetsu, means "half-moon" and refers to the semi-circular foot movements of the kata. In Seidokan, this kata is the first kata taught, and is the foundation kata of the system. Master Toma, founder of the Seidokan style, spent many years learning only this kata before he was finally introduced to other forms. Though it is primarily a Naha kata (as opposed to those of Shorin/Shaolin origin), its obvious link to the Chinese forms, specifically “Feeding Crane” kung fu, makes it a vital step in connecting the Okinawa to Shaolin link.

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