Hi Doc, I'm wondering what your views are on qigong and western medicine. I'm currently a 2nd yr med student and i'm interested in qigong but I'm not sure whether stuff like qi and jing actually exist because of all the hard sciences im reading. For example, I bought some qigong books, and in one of them it talked about treating asthma by massaging some point and doing some other stuff. I'm not sure whether to believe that as opposed to just giving some albuterol... Seeing that you are also an MD and a fervent shaolin enthusiast, I want to know what you think about this. Thanks!
I wonder if qigong is actually real with some of those shaolin techniques, ie Iron Shirt, being able to resist spear piercing, etc? I saw this video from national geographic (i think is pretty popular now) about shaolin kungfu and it showed guys doing some incredible stuff and attributing it to qigong. I'm more interested in qigong's role in martial arts and i think my last email was a bit off topic. THanks.

 Um, you'll learn all about Iron Shirt in medical school. Really. 



 No preamble, i'm just going to ask.

I was having all kinds of weird symptoms, thought i was pregnant, started my period, then 12 days later i'm still bleeding (very unusual), so i went to the Dr.  She did a blood test (and urine and pelvic), pregnancy, positive.  She tells me i'm having a miscarriage, due to the blood loss or what ever - says to come back on monday (this was wednesday) to do another test to check to see if the pregnancy hormone is lower.  In the mean time i'm just to go about my business (work, whatever) and if i'm bleeding alot (saturating a pad an hour) i should come back.  i'm still bleeding, steadily, still cramping... but nothing like that amount of blood.  Do i just wait?
should i really be at home in bed?  Should i not want to shoot my boss for being an insensitive bitch and expecting me to work like normal... (sorry side thought) I just blindly trust what she tells me, and don't know if that's the smart thing to do....  if you get this & could let me know what you think i'd appreciate it.  .. Oh, this would only be like a couple of weeks into my pregnancy, my "period" started right on schedule.  If you're really feeling generous and email's too cumbersome you can call xxx-xxx-xxxx.

In my professional medical opinion, shoot your boss. She's an insensitive bitch.  


You will be missed. Have lots of nasty sex with the locals. We need to repoppulate the world with more new yorkers!!


When I access russbo.com  using my Pocket PC2005 and Internet Explorer I recieve a black screen. Did you recently switch to Flash Player at your site instead of Windows Media Player? As a "Warrior Physician"  do you have an opinion about cureresearch.com ? 73;xxxxx