Dear Competitors, Instructors, Coaches and Masters,

I, on behalf of Grand Master Deru (Shawn Liu) and Deyang the Chairman of the tournament committee, East West Cultural Exchange Foundation and Atlanta Asian Community, would like to cordially invite you and your school to participate in the XII US Open International Martial Arts Championship and Asian Cultural Festival which will be featuring K. Superstar World Championship-Art of War VII Extreme Sanshou. This is the professional main event (Nov. 8^th night) of the weekend, which will be covered by national and international networks.

The event will be held at Cobb Galleria Center, Two Galleria Parkway, Atlanta, GA on November 7th -9th, 2008. Call 251-662-3225 for special group savings registration which includes hotels, breakfast, mid day cocktail, Saturday night professional K. Superstar fights, Sunday Matinee Shaolin Legacy Kungfu Show and local transportations. The following programs are lined up for your view

K. SUPERSTAR World Fighting Championship-Art of War VII Extreme Sanshou, with US Open Title Finals as open fights will be on Nov. 8th night (Sat. night 7:30 PM), featuring Extreme Kungfu Sanshou vs MMA. *K. Superstar will not be selected until last one standing.

Shaolin Legacy Kungfu Show is our special family show that will be on Nov. 9th (Sunday, Matinee 2:30 PM)*

Asian Cultural Festival with shows and booths of cultural and arts exhibitions (Nov. 7^th -9^th , 20

US Open International Martial Arts Championships XII will to held on Nov. 7th -9th, 2008 (Sat. and Sun daytime).

Best dressed Ring Girl competition on will be held on Saturday night.

Best dressed lady competition will also be on Sunday afternoon.

Shaolin Masters Awards for those who contributed to spread the Arts of Shaolin.

Kungfu Sanshou Contribution Awards for those who contributed to the promotion and the arts of Kungfu Sanshou

All USA Sanshou team reunion

Festival will also offer seminars by top two Shaolin Masters: Deyang, Decheng and Deru trained by the last monk warrior, the Great Spiritual leader and legend Great Master Shi Suxi.

Grand Master Deru’s top US team student and team captain Cung Le, the world number one “Asian American Legend Fighter” will be there to receive his highest Competitor Award.

Cung Le will conduct two seminars (one on Friday afternoon and one on Sunday morning) to all who love Kungfu Sanshou and MMA.

Grand Master Deru’s top heavy weight student and USA team member Patrick Barry, one of the best strikers in the US is the top K. Superstar to meet all the super heavy weight challengers who step into the ring.

Patrick Barry will also give a strike seminar on Sunday Morning November 9^th .

Grand Master Deru’s new heavy weight pro fighter Wael Karika, 3 times world Sanshou heavy weight champion will conduct a seminar on Sunday early morning.

Elaina Maxwell, the US only woman world champion in Kungfu Sanshou will be fighting for professional Debut.

You will see many VIP celebrities there.

50 countries are invited to compete at this grand event.

The event will not only give every amateur Sanshou and light contact competitors a good platform to test their courage, skills and their confidence of their self-protection abilities but some good fighting experience and training opportunities to improve their skills. The event will indeed give all Kungfu, Tai Chi and other styles and choreographed team competitors a center stage to showcase their talents and skills in various levels. We have over 200 categories to compete with: kids and teens Sanshou, light contact, weapons, traditional forms as well as team fighting and team group performance.

Art of War Extreme Sanshou will provide a platform where international fighters in Kungfu Sanshou, Muay Thai, Jiu Ji-Tsu or MMA meet to test themselves, tolerance, character, their physical and mental abilities and their inner strength to become the true warrior-K SUPERSTAR in the world. This Art of War Extreme Kungfu Sanshou encourages fighters from every background to challenge themselves and bring out the warrior within. At the end of the Art of War on Saturday night, only one K. SUPERSTAR fighter remains standing in the ring.

The Shaolin Legacy Kungfu show on Sunday afternoon will certainly provide kids and families a great fun and exciting time you will never regret. You will personally view the best martial arts feasts of the Shaolin Masters with their worldly famous indomitable spirit. It is our goal to inspire and promote the best of the best in the martial arts world. The grand experience of this event is all summed up in its name, “EXTREME” and this event will be sure to impress all spectators.

The event is organized by United States of America Sanshou Kungfu Federation, and sponsored by LIU International Shi Deru Shaolin Institute and hosted by the East West Cultural Exchange Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, and Asian Community at large.

The chief of the event committee is Grand Master Shawn Liu (Deru), the former head coach of the US Sanshou team that brought US numerous medals for the past 10 years on the world Kungfu Sanshou stage.


Please call (001)251-662-3225 for detailed information.

For more information, contact: Coordinators: Susan Goucher or Denise Warren at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or Mr. Wang at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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