Alexander Sebastien Lee’s Provocative Shaolin Kung Fu Documentary Launches Limited Edition DVD in Time for the Holidays

Hollywood, CA-December 22, 2009-After the sold-out world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival and winning the Documentary Special Jury Prize at the LA Asian Pacific Film Festival, THE REAL SHAOLIN is finally available for purchase on DVD!  THE REAL SHAOLIN is a feature documentary about two Chinese and two Westerners who are inspired by Kung Fu movies and journey to the legendary Shaolin Temple in China. While there, they endure a year of rigorous martial arts training in the hopes of becoming Kung Fu warriors, but they find that reality may be a harsh wake-up call.  THE REAL SHAOLIN is not a typical martial arts documentary focusing on martial arts performance or history, but follows the personal journeys of four individuals as they overcome obstacles in pursuit of their dreams.

THE REAL SHAOLIN limited edition DVD is ONLY available for purchase online directly from the filmmaker at:

Until 12/31/09, the DVD will be available at a special introductory price of $19.99, making it the perfect gift for martial arts enthusiasts, Kung  Fu film fans, spirituality seekers, or anyone interested in Asian culture and China.  The film's trailer can be seen here:

Some quotes:

“The film not only transports us to a different country, but to a different state of mind.”
Toronto International Film Festival - Thom Powers, Documentary Programmer

“An inside look at a hidden world, a look at the reality of a world shrouded in myth and legend… A fascinating view, a study of clashing cultures and the human spirit.” - Todd Brown - Founder

“The most provocative documentary to come out on Shaolin…   [The director] weaves an intricate brocade that is both moving and profound.”
Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazine - Gene Ching, Associate Publisher

About the Director
Alexander Sebastien Lee was born in Los Angeles and raised by his Korean mother, who exposed him to the works of Akira Kurosawa, Zhang Yimou, and Claude Berri from an early age. Alexander passionately studied theater in London at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts and learned to speak French fluently during a year at the Sorbonne University in Paris. After receiving his BA in Film Production at USC, Alexander journeyed to the Shaolin Temple in China determined to learn Kung Fu at the source. Along the arduous journey, Alexander encountered martial arts aficionados with fascinating tales, and was deeply inspired by the incredible spirit of the Chinese people. These experiences forged an idea to film a documentary that demystifies the modern day Shaolin Temple. THE REAL SHAOLIN is Alexander’s feature directorial debut.

2009   USA   89 min.   Color   In English, Mandarin and French with English subtitles.