Master Shi De Yang, Shaolin monk of the 31st generation is dedicated to expanding and preserving the traditional Kung fu practices of the elders generation. In particular the teachings of the last great master of the elders generation, the late Shi Sui Xi, Shi De Yang's master and former abbot of  the Shaolin Temple. In recent times Master De yang has expanded his quest as assigned to him by Shi Sui Xi to share the tradition Kungfu of the elders generation directly to many countries around the world. A relationship  with Kungfu masters from countries such as Spain, Italy, Mexico, Uruguay,  and more recently Australia  has enabled students of these masters around the world to experience the very special experience of being taught from  Master De yang,  in effect Grandmaster Shi De Yang as the masters from  these countries establish the relationship through being his students. Master De yang will travel to the countries of these masters and conduct seminars in Shaolin Quan (Kungfu) and Shaolin Qigong.


 September 19--October 4,2013, Master De yang traveled to Sydney Australia as invited by  his student, Master David Greenland of the Emerald Dragon Martial Arts Academy to conduct seminars in Shaolin Quan and Shaolin Qigong. Master David's students welcomed their  Grandmaster with a demonstration of Shaolin Kung Fu at the training  Centre located in Penrith N.S.W,  West of Sydney, at the foot of the Blue Mountains. The seminars were open to enthusiast's from any club, organization's, and styles and attracted just that. Masters and practitioners of all levels and from different martial arts codes joined the Kung Fu seminars as well as doctors,  natural health practitioners, yoga and Taichi Chi instructors joined the Qigong seminar. The participants of the seminars  regardless of age, experience, style, or modality were all amazed at the  Master De Yang's skills and teaching abilities regardless of any language  barrier. Mr Guo Yin He, Master De Yang's friend and acting foreign liaison manager traveled with and assisted in conducting the seminars.

 Master De Yang taught the Shaolin Qigong for Ba Duan Jin (8 sections brocade) and one of the ancient treasures of Shaolin Wushu, Xiao Pao  Quan (small frame cannon fist) in Sydney at Master David Greenland's  school, Emerald Dragon Martial Arts Academy in Penrith and then Yin Jin Jing (muscle tendon changing scripture) and Luohan Shiba Shou (18 hands of Louhan) in Brisbane,Master De Yang’s another student, Master Ramesh Patel school, the Shaolin Kung Fu Guan.

Master De yang enjoyed the local sites of Penrith and the Blue  Mountains,taking a boat trip on the Nepean River,Australia Zoo,Gold Coast and climbing the Story Bridge in Brisbane.Before heading back to China, Master De Yang went to the Nan Tian Temple in Unanderra for pilgrimage, and experience the Blow Hole in Kiama both on Sydney south coast. He then went on to tour Sydney city including Darling Harbour, Sydney tower, Sydney Harbour and of course Sydney's China town.

The Master De Yang may of returned to Shaolin but his gracious spirit has left the people of Australia that were privileged enough to be in his presence with an unforgettable experience.

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