Hey Doc,

Getting my clothes sorted at the moment and I just wanted to run something past you. When I get to DeCheng's school, can I/do I buy a uniform? Watching the Fight Quest video I saw the foreigners were given training apparel, am I expected to wear this (which is preferable) or should I stock up on training t's? I have everything else but I'm wondering if I should spend a couple hundred dollars on upper body wear for training when I could buy it with the DeCheng seal instead (at probably half the price as well).

This is my plan for my arrival in Beijing:

7:20 am arrive at Beijing airport on 19th xxxxx
Get myself to the train station (need to find where this is)

Train leaves at 2:20 pm for Zhengzhou Arrive at Zhengzhou train station at 9:10 pm

Get to DeCheng's school or alternatively find cheap accomodation for the night and go to school next morning

Currently my passport is still with the Chinese consulate because I haven't found an opportunity to get it (along with my visa), so my train ticket is not confirmed. By next week this should be dealt with. Hopefully (and most likely) to correspond with the itinerary above. I will keep you updated on the developments.

When I get a hold of my passport I'll email you my details, family contact info, etc altogether.

I'd still like to take advantage of your offer if it's still a possibility; to get from the airport to the station. I'm more than happy to give your contact a reasonable fee for his trouble.

Two further questions.

Am I able to draw money from the bank at Dengfeng? or is that only possible in Zhengzhou? because of the logistics of my proposed arrival I won't be able to stop by a major bank in Zhengzhou at that time.

Secondly, in regards to last pm, even though I can wear whatever, do they have uniforms that I can buy at the school? foreigner-sized uniforms?

Thanks Doc, be in touch soon


depends upon how big you are. he has sweatsuits for his students, you can get one, but quite honestly, they're more for entertainment value than anything else. bring comfortable pants and t shirts, sweats for March (and cold weather wear, it's COLD in march)

I'll see if Jackey can get you at the airport and get you to the station.

Decheng's people should be able to pick you up at night. better than trying to find a place to stay in zhengzhou that late at night, and not knowing hte language. dont want you to get into any sort of trouble. I'd feel better if I had people moving you every step of the way

ATM willwork in dengfeng at bank of china. read Shaolin fAQ area. Make sure it is well established bank that you have atm with. with STAR and PLUS.


Sent you through those details.

As I said, got the visa now and just need to get my travel insurance sorted; but there's still five weeks to work that out.

I haven't confirmed the railway ticket yet, it would appear the Chinese rail authority don't issue in advance beyond 4-6 days before the date of departure. I've been looking at travel agents who'll send the ticket to a hotel but I won't be stopping over in Beijing long enough to warrant the stay. I will have this issue dealt with by the end of the week and can then give you my concrete itinerary for mainland China.

I'll be in touch soon,

ok, i have contacted my friend Jackey in Beijing. He might be able to get you the railway ticket, if I hear back from him.,..